Friday, June 21, 2013

Day Six: Not Much Happened

Yo. So Kev and Kyle tried to go to Tsukiji fish market again around 4:00am, but failed once more. Apparently they were late and it was over by the time they got there. So after they got back and we all woke up again, we went to Ueno Zoo. We went into the Starbucks nearest the front entrance and I had mango passion tea frap #4. We saw the single panda (there were two last time I went), the tiger, some gibbons, some gorillas, a few birds, elephants and some bears before deciding to leave as the rain started up something fierce. We didn't even scratch the surface of what the zoo had to offer and it was dead compared to last time. We bought umbrellas inside the zoo for $5 each and then left for Shinagawa. I left my bag in the ramen place last night, so we went there for lunch and I got it back! I explained the situation in Japanese, but the middle-aged guy couldn't find it, but the older guy assured me he knew where it was, so he went and looked in the back as well and came out with it. I was happy I got it back, even though I didn't have anything particularly important in it. I had chashumen for lunch; it was my fourth bowl since getting here in Tokyo and my third at this particular restaurant. Kev and Kyle wanted gyoza, but they misordered and we ended up with four sets of six for a total of twenty-four gyoza. I gave twelve of them to the guys sitting next to us. He said in English as we were leaving, "That was a very good meal, thank you." We headed back to the hotel around 1:00pm and relaxed for a bit. I walked to the 7-11 nearest Shinagawa Prince Hotel and bought a couple magazines and some snacks. One of the magazines had Kyary on the cover. Then I got my suitcase ready for tomorrow.

A kindergarten class going to the zoo; I really wish I was that white kid growing up, at the Starbucks before going in, the zoo entrance, a lone panda; its friend wasn't being shown indefinitely.

Around 6:00pm, Kyle exchanged some money so that we could pay for dinner tonight at Sukiyabashi Jiro, one of the supposedly best and most expensive sushi places in the world. I left my directions that I wrote down in the room somewhere, but I knew how to get there by memory. We arrived with just five minutes to spare. The reservation was under my name, thanks to Haruka who made the reservation for us. We had mackerel, shellfish, steamed abalone, mantis crab, fresh ground wasabi, flounder, big scallop, squid, lean, medium and fatty tuna, and some type of sardine. There as a bunch of stuff after that, but I stopped paying attention. I didn't care for much of any of it, but I imagine if you like sushi, this is the mecca-equivalent. Something happened that I don't wish to talk about, ever, with anyone unless I bring it up; so don't ask.

Steamed abalone, mantis crab, squid, lean & medium fatty tuna

Tomorrow I'm gonna spend the rest of my money in Akiba and/or Harajuku and then it's off to the lame ol' USA.