Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day Five: Something Else That's Funny.

Yo. I've been so sore each day waking up; we've been walking for as much as twelve hours a day. I better as hell be losing some weight. I could get used to it though; everything, really. The hot and muggy weather, the constant walking and the cramming onto trains; it's all worth it. Japan, and Tokyo more specifically, just makes sense to me. All the women, young and old are beautiful to me. All the buildings are tall and fearsome and the food delicious. I could definitely do this day-to-day for the rest of my life. It makes me happy being here. I definitely want to come study here in a year or two.

So this morning we woke up around 9:00am. I was surprised to see Kevin and Kyle in their beds, because they had planned to go to Tsukiji fish market (the world's largest; it begins very early) around 3:00am. Apparently they got up at that time, but couldn't figure out the train schedule to get there. I guess they need me after all. I didn't want to go because I wanted sleep like a normal person, and I wasn't terribly interested in it anyway.

So after we were all settled and I had my morning shower, we headed out to get some breakfast. We decided to go back to that tiny little place we went to on the first morning. It was cooler than the past days today as it had finally started to rain more than a sprinkle; although not really so much in the morning as much as in the afternoon. It was comfortable enough to still wear shorts and a tee however. An odd feeling really; cloudy skies and rain along with a fairly warm temperature. On the way, we saw two ladies pushing two crib like structures on wheels each filled with maybe a half dozen preschoolers all standing up and holding on to the bars, each with green hats. When we got to the little noodle shop, we walked in and the old guy that runs it immediately remembered us from a few days before. I ordered rice again, Kevin got tempura udon and Kyle got kake udon again. After we finished, the old guy asked me what country we were from (in Japanese) and I replied saying we were from America. He asked if we were vacationing, and I said yes. Then I asked what the name of the restaurant was and what his name was. I quickly forgot what he said, haha.

Kev and Kyle talk about things they don't understand and assume things and act like they know everything. If it was just Kevin and I, Kevin would latch on to me and listen to everything I say, but when his big brother is around, his opinion is one in the same with Kyle's. I just ignore it when they talk about this stuff. It's annoying and it pisses me off, but if I were to say something, they'd just gang up on me, as they have many times already.

Kev and Kyle wanted to go to Asukusa to see the shrines and temples, but I wasn't too interested so I told them I'd go off on my own and we could meet up later. An older lady, maybe in her 50's, asked us if she could help find our way in a pretty good accent (in English). She helped confirm which train to take to get to Asukusa and then we parted ways. On my own, I then headed to the Shinagawa Station, not deciding whether I wanted to go Shinjuku or Akiba until the last second. I went with Shinjuku.

I explored Shinjuku, looking for a certain shop for quite awhile before finally finding it. Funny stuff ensues and then I'm on my way back to Shinagawa. Before I left though, I got my third mango passion fruit tea frappuccino from Starbucks. I got some McDonald's because I didn't have a lot of time until I needed to meet Kev and Kyle. It was fun ordering; my Japanese is better than I thought. I took it to-go and walked to the hotel. I only had enough time to eat really quick and walk back to the station to meet Kev and Kyle. Once I met them, we walked to McDonald's because Kyle caved and decided he wanted some. Then we headed to the hotel to relax for a bit before Kev and I went out for ramen. We eat a lot of ramen, evidently.

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