Monday, June 17, 2013

Day Two: Exploring Part II

Alrighty, so I'll wrap up the day here.

So earlier in the day, we found the Park Hyatt Hotel that houses the New York Bar from Lost in Translation. We scouted it out, so to speak. We were in shorts and had our backpacks and messenger bags, and this was a REALLY nice hotel so we looked out of place. We were informed of their hours for the bar and told about a dress code, so we went to UNIQLO to get some nice outfits. Upon getting back to the bar later that evening, we were dressed up and ready to go. We got in promptly and sat at  the bar where Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson sat in the movie. I ordered a tequila sunrise, Kyle - a french 75 and Kevin - some kind of whiskey with root beer or something. It was alright, although I don't care for tequila much. The place was pretty swanky though. Dim lighting, skyline view from the 45th floor, expensive cocktails; it was all too grand indeed. Kyle was the most stoked of all of us, but we all thought it was pretty cool.

The top two pictures depict us somewhat recreating the scene from Lost in Translation. The bottom two are our expensive drinks and the view from the bar respectively.

After that we headed to Kabukicho, the red light district, to check it out. It's not as shady as it sounds, and I assure you and we weren't soliciting anything illicit. The place simply has a colorful nightlife to it. There were a lot of touts trying to get you in their clubs, but we know better than that.


Afterward, we headed home with sore feet and tired eyes. We stopped at the 7-11 near my old hotel and bought a couple magazines and some snacks.

Tomorrow we're meeting Yami, my friend from Scotts Valley, who is visiting his grandparents for a bit. Around five in the afternoon we're meeting Haruka, my penpal who I met last time I was in Tokyo as well, and her boyfriend Yasutaka. More on that tomorrow night. I'm going to sleep now.


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